Grounding Presenter

Meet Cindy Palajac ⟫ Ontario, Canada

HTCI, Certified Sacred Depths Coach, Certified Sound Healer, Shamanic Apprentice 

As an Instructor, for the Healing Touch Program, Cindy trains individuals across North America how to become Healers and Certified Practitioners of Healing Touch. Her 30 years of experience with energy healing in many different modalities has enabled her to tap into that vast wisdom for each class. Teaching in an experiential style Cindy creates a fun and interactive atmosphere for all students. 

Cindy lives in London, ON, Canada with her husband Tom and golden retriever, Misha.


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Presentation: Embark on a Grounded Journey of the 4 Directions: East, South, West and North

Get ready for a transformational experience of calling in the medicine of the earth. A calm presence of spiritual guidance will flow through you as you start your day.


Create Spiritual Connection through Journeying


February 24, 2024        Noon-4 pm EDT

Bring an open heart, curiosity and willingness to explore the depths of your inner world to this workshop.  In this immersive experience you will be guided to find your spiritual allies in your power animal and spiritual teacher.

Through a meditative process you will tap into your intuition and connect with a source of power that supports you.

The ceremony of connecting with the 4 Directions of East, South, West and North will allow you to lay the foundation for inviting in the power animal and spiritual teacher who wants to help you deepen your intuitive abilities.

Investment: $97               SPECIAL EVENT PRICE of $47

SAVINGS of  $50!

Grounding presentation available through Dec 31/24